The Agenda and materials for the April 21, 2020 Regular Meeting of the OIHCD can be accessed HERE. The meeting will include brief updates from UW Medicine Orcas Island Clinic and Orcas Family Health Center.

As a reminder, the OIHCD is complying with the Governor’s Proclamation and a subsequent waiver to certain requirements of the OPMA. While the Board is allowed to conduct meetings, we are restricted to taking action on matters that are “necessary and routine or are matters necessary to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak and the current public health emergency.”  Important to note the term “action” includes discussion – meaning the intent of the Proclamation is that meetings be short, efficient, and restricted to necessary business.

While routine is more self-explanatory, necessary items are those where any decision that if not taken prior to April 23, 2020 would have negative impacts on the District or the taxpayers. Guidance suggests that if the matter involves a decision that can be postponed until after April 23, 2020 the items are not considered necessary. Items marked as POSTPONED on the Agenda are those that were deemed to fall outside of these parameters.

We appreciate the community’s understanding as we continue to assess how to best address the business of the District during these challenging times. Details for the Zoom meeting can be found on the Agenda or directly on the Meetings Calendar.