Interim Superintendent

The powers and duties of a Public Hospital District superintendent are very clearly defined in Chapter 70.44.080 of the Revised Code of WA (RCW). The superintendent serves as the chief administrative officer of a public district hospital and has control of the administrative functions of the district. The superintendent is responsible to the commissioners for the efficient administration of all affairs of the district.


Tom Eversole

Assuring access to primary, after hours and emergency care is critical to every community. My commitment to health care on Orcas Island began in 2017, when we initiated a campaign to establish the Public Hospital District. Each of us needs that, so I am committed to seeing that an affordable, stable and sustainable solution is achieved.

My work in this field began as a mental health therapist in the AIDS unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital during the early days of that epidemic.  That work led me into public health, which has been the focus of my career since 1997. I’ve served as a manager and administrator in state and local public health agencies. Those jobs provided me the opportunity to lead the development of a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) within a county health department and to establish a school of public health within a land grant university. I believe strongly in the synergy that organizations can bring to bear when they collaborate to promote and protect a community’s health.

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