The powers and duties of a Public Hospital District superintendent are very clearly defined in Chapter 70.44.080 of the Revised Code of WA (RCW). The superintendent serves as the chief administrative officer of a public district hospital and has control of the administrative functions of the district. The superintendent is responsible to the commissioners for the efficient administration of all affairs of the district.


Anne Presson

Since 2018, I have served in the dual role of Superintendent for the Orcas Island Health Care District and the Lopez Island Hospital District. I have been the sole employee in both Districts and have established the processes to run the various activities within my scope of responsibility. I take my fiduciary responsibility to the Board and taxpayers very seriously, and I am always looking for opportunities to bring value to the District. In my first few years in the role, I successfully secured almost $110,000 in grants. In addition to my day jobs, I have been involved in many county-wide efforts, including serving as the Testing and Medical Surge Branch Director in the County’s Emergency Operations during the early months of COVID-19, and I was asked to serve as the Project Director for a $100,000 Network Planning grant that was awarded In 2020 to study long-term care services and support. I work closely with our Clinic partner to ensure all deliverables and contractual agreements are met.

Prior to coming to Orcas, I held executive level positions with Kaiser Permanente and UnitedHealthcare, as well as with two national consulting firms specializing in public sector clients. Having moved to Orcas from the San Francisco Bay Area, I was fortunate be in the heart of Silicon Valley when so much innovation was happening. I was asked to serve as an advisor to many early stage digital health start-ups, many of whom have gone on to secure multi-million funding rounds and are instrumental in changing the health care landscape.

I have been known as someone who is able to help leaders anticipate, understand and adapt to changing market conditions; thereby preparing organizations to grow and capitalize on opportunities for innovation. I am a strategic thinker with an ability to formulate, communicate and implement long-term business strategies while maintaining a granular understanding of execution and implementation. I am proud to be recognized as someone who values and excels at creating and nurturing long-term business relationships.

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