Budget & Levy

OIHCD 2019 Budget

OIHCD 2019 Levy Certification

OIHCD Interim 2018 Budget Adopted with BARS codes

Governing Documents

SJCPHD#3 Final Bylaws June 2018


UWNC 2018_Lease Agreement

UWNC Interim Funding Agreement

Orcas Family Health Center Clinical Support Agreement 

Lopez Island Hospital District Interlocal Agreement 2018

Interlocal Agreement with SJC for $400,000 loan

Policies & Procedures

OIHCD Code of Ethics

OIHCD Conflict of Interest policy

OIHCD Debt Policy Adopted 12.18.18

OIHCD FinancialMgmtPolicies Adopted 3.19.19

OIHCD Meeting Guidelines

OIHCD Post Issuance Compliance Policy_adopted 5_7_19

OIHCD Procurement Policy Adopted 12.18.18


Eastsound Water Users Association