Budget & Levy

OIHCD 2019 Budget

OIHCD 2019 Levy Certification

OIHCD Interim 2018 Budget Adopted with BARS codes

Governing Documents

SJCPHD#3 Final Bylaws June 2018


UWNC CSA Final signed_June 2019

UWNC 2018_Lease Agreement

UWNC Interim Funding Agreement

Orcas Family Health Center Clinical Support Agreement 

Lopez Island Hospital District Interlocal Agreement 2018

Interlocal Agreement with SJC for $400,000 loan

Policies & Procedures

OIHCD Code of Ethics

OIHCD Conflict of Interest policy

OIHCD Debt Policy Adopted 12.18.18

OIHCD FinancialMgmtPolicies Adopted 3.19.19

OIHCD Meeting Guidelines

OIHCD Personnel Policy Adopted 8.06.19

OIHCD Post Issuance Compliance Policy_adopted 5_7_19

OIHCD Procurement Policy Adopted 12.18.18


Eastsound Water Users Association

Enduris General Liability Insurance