A Board Resolution is a formal, legally binding document that provides a record of important decisions of the Board of Commissioners.

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2021-01 Resolution Fix Superintendent Compensation_Adopted 4_06_2021


Resolution 2020_02 Interlocal Jt Purchase Agreement_adopted 8_04_2020

Resolution 2020-01 Clinic Repairs_adopted 7_07_2020_


Resolution 2019-06 Modify the Time of Regular Board Meetings

Resolution 2019-05 Adopt SJCPHD#3 2020 Levy

Resolution 2019-04 Adopt SJCPHD#3 2020 Budget

Resolution 2019-03 Extend Modification of the Time of Regular Board Meetings

Resolution 2019-02 Modify the Time of Regular Board Meetings

Resolution 2019-01 Establish a District Reserve Fund


Resolution 2018-25 Changing Regular Meetings

Resolution 2018-24 Contract with MRSC Rosters

Resolution 2018-23 Authorizing Entering into CSA with OFHC

Resolution 2018-22 Interlocal with LIHD

Resolution 2018-21 Adopt 2019 Budget

Resolution 2018-20 Authorize Interim Funding Agreement with UWPN

Resolution 2018-19 Authorize Entering into REPSA with OMF

Resolution 2018-18 – Enter into Lease Agreement with UWPN

Resolution 2018-17 was Rescinded 10/30/18 and replaced with Resolution 2018-19

Resolution 2018-16 GO Bond and Tax Anticipation Note

Resolution 2018-15 Appointing an Agent to Receive Claims

Resolution 2018-14 Appointing a Superintendent

Resolution 2018-13 Resolution Appointing Auditing Officer(s)

Resolution 2018-12 Authorizing Statutory Default Costs and Exemption from Index of Public Records

Resolution 2018-11 Authorizing Interlocal Agreement With San Juan County in the Amount of $400,000

Resolution 2018-10 Confirming Interim Budget and Establishing Preliminary Levy

Resolution 2018-9 Authorizing Membership with Enduris

Resolution 2018-8 Adopting Regular Meeting Time and Place

Resolution 2018-7 Adopting Bylaws and Rules of Conduct for Commissioners’ Meetings

Resolution 2018-6 Authorizing Interest Bearing Warrants

Resolution 2018-5 Adopting an Interim 2018 Budget

Resolution 2018-4 Establish General Fund

Resolution 2018-3 Appointing San Juan County as Auditor

Resolution 2018-2 Appointing San Juan County as Treasurer

Resolution 2018-1 Adopting Orcas Island Health Care District as Name